Bird flu! Observe biosecurity.

May 17, 2023

On May 17 of this year amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers' regulations of June 9, 2015 No. 291 "Rules on a set of biosecurity measures for animal housing" ar ko the deadline for observing the set of enhanced biosecurity measures in poultry and captive bird facilities is extended until May 31

All suspected cases of poultry disease must be reported immediately Pārtikas un veterinārajam dienestam, for organically certified poultry flocks, all veterinary measures must be recorded and presented to the certification body during the inspection.

 SIA "Certification and Testing Center" reminds the call of the Food and Veterinary Service to poultry keepers to strictly observe biosecurity and other rules in order to prevent the introduction of bird flu and other diseases into the shed:

  • the feeding and watering of poultry must be organized in the house or in an enclosed area, preventing wild birds from gaining access to food and litter;
  • workers in poultry houses and persons who come into contact with poultry must be provided with work or shift clothing and footwear used only in the poultry house;
  • water not obtained from surface water bodies must be used for watering poultry;
  • in order to prevent direct and indirect contact with wild waterfowl, the release of poultry which are waterfowl into bodies of water of natural origin shall be prohibited;
  • participation in markets with poultry and off-site trade in poultry and hatching eggs shall be prohibited.

Posted on 17.05.2023.


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