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Certification of organic farming in Latvia

Certification of organic farmers, product labelling

Certification of organic farming outside the European Union

Certification of organic farmers according to the EU equivalence requirements.

Certification of mechanical engineering products, evaluation of technical documentation and risk assessment for CE marking

EC type-approval for mechanical engineering products, vehicles used in agriculture and forestry, internal combustion engines. Evaluation of technical documentation and risk assessment


Individual approval of vehicles used in agriculture and forestry and recognition of modifications. Field, tree and shrub sprayer inspections.

STC Laboratory

Testing of mechanical engineering equipment, agricultural vehicles and work environment based on requirements of the EU standards, international standards and national regulations. Inspections of playgrounds and recreation areas, gaming devices, other testing services.

Training Centre

An accredited continuing vocational education and development institution organising training, courses and seminars


Bird flu! Observe biosecurity.

On May 17 of this year, amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers' regulations of June 9, 2015 No. 291 "Rules on a set of biosecurity measures for animal housing"


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