Certification of organic farming in Latvia

Organic farming is a uniform agricultural and food production system that ensures healthy and fertile existence of inter-related elements of the ecosystem - the soil, plants, animals and humans.

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Certification of production undertakings

Plant production, collection of wild plants, animal husbandry, apiculture, aquaculture, fertilizers

Certification of processing and trading companies

Pre-treatment operations, packaging, storage, collection and transportation of the milk, processing, trading and catering services

Imports of products from third countries

If products from countries outside the European Union are imported

Labelling of organic products

Arrangement of approval marks

Organic farming schemes

Food quality schemes, the procedure for their introduction, operation, supervision and control

Organic farming report

Information about the area subject to organic farming control in the last year, crops grown, animal and vegetable products, the volume of produced, sold and used products.

Important information

Amendments to laws and regulations, certification procedure

pakalpojumu cenas

Pakalpojumu cenas


Sector of Organic Farming in Latvia

Head of the Sector of Organic Farming in Latvia, Senior Expert

Dzintars Vīņauds

Chief Expert (production) in Organic Farming in Latvia

Vija Rāka

Chief Expert (processing) in Organic Farming in Latvia

Daiga Tukiša

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