We apply exceptions set forth and approved in the control authority's Production standards and control measures standard applicable to certification of operators from third countries.

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Procedure for issuing permissions

Granting permission to use non-organic seed and vegetative propagating material.

If seed and/or vegetative propagating material obtained by organic production method cannot be purchased, it is possible to apply to the control body for a permission to use non-organic seed and/or vegetative propagating material. The permission is granted:

- to each entity separately;

- for one season;

- before sowing.

Information about the granted seed permissions and quantities of seed is available from the control body upon request.

Permission to shorten the transitional period

The control body may decide retroactively to include in the transitional period any previous period in which:

1. parcels registered under an official environmental or similar programme under the condition that the relevant measures guarantee that products not authorised for organic production have not been used on these parcels or

2. the parcels were natural or agricultural areas which were not treated with products not authorised for organic production.

The period mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 can be taken into consideration, if the control authority has been presented with sufficient proof that the respective conditions have been complied with for at least three years.

Parallel/split production

A farm may be split into clearly separated units in which organic methods are used and those in which they are not used. With regard to plants - they must be clearly distinguishable, livestock must belong to different species. Organic farming control system is applied to all production units of the entrepreneur: physical inspection, required documentation, reports and documents that must be presented during inspection cover all production units.


Third Country Organic Farming Sector

Head of the Third Country Organic Farming Sector

Ieva Lāce

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