Type-Approval for Agricultural and Forestry Vehicles

Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 is binding on all manufacturers, importers, distributors (dealers) of agricultural and forestry vehicles. It does not only set forth the constructional requirements for the vehicles, but also obligations that manufacturers, importers and distributors have to comply with with regard to the EU market supervisory authorities and certifying bodies.

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How to obtain a certificate?

1. Submitting an application

The manufacturer or his authorised representative submits a type-approval application, including a package of documents, and a sample of the object to be certified.

2. Performing audit of the production unit

The certifying body performs audit of the production unit. In case of a positive result issues a conformity of production (COP) certificate.

3. Choosing of the technical service, tests

After evaluation of documents the certifying body invites the technical service to test the object to be certified.

4. Evaluation of results

Upon receiving the results of the testing from the technical service and evaluating them, if the result is positive, the certifying body prepares the EC vehicle type-approval.

5. Submitting the certificate

After signing of the transfer certificate by the manufacturer and the certifying body and payment the certifying body issues the EC type-approval certificate of unlimited duration. The EC vehicle type-approval is added to the European Type-Approval Exchange System (ETAES) EU data base.


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